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Hardware Interface

Using the SIM-MODULES hardware interface cards, you can easily control your PC and your flight simulator via real switches, buttons, rotary encoders, LED- and 7-segment display outputs.

The principle is rather simple - heart and soul of the whole system is the so called MAIN MODULE. Connected to the PC via USB, it acts as an communication interface between your cockpit panels and the SIM-MODULES Control Panel Software.

This program is a very easy-to-use and lightweight tool, which helps to establish a connection between the flight simulator software and the SIM-MODULES hardware. Using this powerful application, it is also possible to use the MAIN MODULE interface card for any other purpose (not only Flight Simulation).  

Software Interface

There are multiple ways to connect the SIM-MODULES Control Panel and the flight simulator software, for example SimConnect, FSUIPC or simulated keyboard, mouse or virtual joystick inputs. For more information on all available functions, see Software.

An overview of the whole system is shown in the following graphic (click to enlarge):

SIM-MODULES Interface System

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