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General Information


The system called "The SIM-MODULES" is a modular, fully plug-and-play-compatible system to simulate all kind of avionics for home flight simulation. It is based on proven and reliable microcontroller technology and enables the connection between the flight simulator software and "real" cockpit hardware like buttons, switches, LEDs, 7segment-displays, and much more.


The initial development of "The SIM-MODULES" started in 2006 as a Diploma Thesis Project at the HTBLuVA BULME Graz-Gösting, a technical college for electronical engeneering and information technology. The work on the diploma thesis itself was finished in May 2007. Both the written work as well as the oral exams, which took place in June 2007, were graded with excellent marks. In December 2007, "The SIM-MODULES" earned the OVE GIT-Award for the best diploma theses in its category. Early 2008, it also was rewarded with the "Luftfahrtpreis 2008" by the University of Applied Science (FH) Joanneum.

Further development of the system continued even after the end of the theses project itself, but from fall 2008 to the end of 2012, no new implementations were made due to the personal situation of the main developer. In the beginning of 2013, work started again on an improved Control Panel Software and also on a new generation of Avionic Modules.

Current Situation & The Near Future

At the moment, the system already runs very stable and smooth, with just some minor things that still have to be tweaked and improved. However, for financial reasons, only a few modules for selected simulator projects were built until now. If the demand permits, it is planned to order components for a larger batch making use of an online crowd-funding platform like Kickstarter or Indigogo once the system is fully ready for public release (which is planned until the end of 2016).

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