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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the SIM-MODULES?"

The system called "The SIM-MODULES" is a modular, fully plug-and-play-compatible system to simulate all kind of avionics for home flight simulation. A basic overview of how the system is set up can be seen in Interface, some of the available modules can be found under Modules.

Where can I buy the SIM-MODULES and how much does it cost?

Currently, the system is still under development and is not yet available for public sale. However, there are a few fully functional prototype samples of certain modules available, which can be used to create an individual home cockpit setup. If you are interested in aquiring one of those test modules, contact us! Also, in the near future it is planned to start initial distribution using a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter or Indigogo.

When will the SIM-MODULES be available for public sale?

The crowdfunding project is planned to go live until the end of 2016. Please subscribe to our newsletter or like us on Facebook to be amongst the first to receive news about this.

What is the big difference to other available interface solutions on the market?

The SIM-MODULES combine the simplicity and reliability of a professional plug-and-play product on one hand, as well as the flexibility and cost-saving advantages a do-it-yourself solution offers on the other. It is possible to use own switches, rotary encoders, LEDs and 7segment displays, so every imaginable flight deck setup can be created. The powerful Sim-Modules Control Panel (SMCP_V4) in combination with pre-defined profile files enables a very fast and easy setup of the whole system.

Can I use the Sim-Modules with FS9/FSX/P3D/X-Plane or other Flight Simulator Software?

The SIM-MODULES offer both SimConnect and FSUIPC software interfaces, and are therefore fully compatible with Microsoft's Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D. Other simulators (or virtually any software) can be controlled as well using simulated keyboard-, mouse or virtual joystick commands.

Is it possible to use the interface card for any other purpose than Flight Simulation?

Using the SIM-MODULES Control Panel, each digital input (buttons, switches, rotary encoders) can be configured to simulate keyboard presses, mouse clicks or virtual joystick commands. Therefore, virtually any software that can be operated using the PC's keyboard or mouse can be controlled using the SIM-MODULES. This can be very useful for music/video editing software or media control.

How does it work?

The system is based on proven and reliable microcontroller technology, using the ATMega AVR Series from ATMEL. Each module is equipped with its own controller and operates independently. The communication between the single modules is done using a high-speed serial bus system, which contains a very effective flow control algorithm to make sure no data packages are lost. Once a new module is connected, it is recognized automatically by the other modules and activates the data syncronization between the flight simulator software and the SIM-MODULES. Data transmission is done in real-time in both directions, so even if e.g. another third party addon manipulates any simulation variable, the changed values are immediately transfered to the SIM-MODULES data system, making sure that every single value on the hardware is always syncronised to its respective variable in the flight simulator.

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